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We believe...

in a multi-sensory integrated approach to education that is evidence-based and child-focused. This exposes children daily to literacy practices, hands on science and math, stimulating art, music, and physical education. Our approach is to intentionally guide and extend your child's play to ensure key developmental milestones are achieved across the learning domains.


Both direct instruction and play have roles to play in high-quality early childhood education. Children develop and learn principally through play and reinforce the necessary academic skills through direct teacher instruction. Critically, teachers who pay attention to children’s interests and help them to play is paramount. We want children to be both knowledgeable about facts and details as well as creative and good problem solvers. We believe exploration and play during preschool turns children into adults who are flexible and sophisticated thinkers.

Explore and Discover believes a well-designed and well-organized learning environment that is inviting to children, full of interesting materials, and set up to accommodate a range of activities and play, supports children’s growth in all areas of development. Each classroom is strategically set up utilizing best practice standards, filled with interest areas that promote learning and facilitate teacher guided and unguided instruction.


Explore and Discover has a uniquely designed curricular framework, incorporating the core tenants believed to be critical to early childhood development. Each of the tenants is incorporated into the program and specific goals have been established for each age group.

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