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Explore and Discover’s two-year-old program serves children ages twenty-four to thirty-six months, providing an exciting and enriching environment where your toddler can continue to develop his or her independence and foster a love for learning. Your toddler’s team of caregivers are nurturing child development professionals who appreciate the rapid growth that is continuing as your toddler experiences his second year of life. Through a multisensory approach, that consistently allows your toddler to explore his or her ever-growing world, and caregivers who are focused on individualizing activities to ensure the needs of all learners are consistently met your toddler is sure to blossom. Supported by the Frog Street Toddler Curriculum, an evidence-based, comprehensive child-centered program that assists caregivers in developing your toddler’s language, cognitive, physical, and socioemotional skills, we are able to fully optimize the growth and development of the toddler’s in our care.

Our two-year-old program follows a daily routine including free choice learning centers, story time, outside play, morning and afternoon snack, lunch, morning and afternoon meeting time, small group instruction, individual instruction, Exploratorium time, and daily specials, including art, Spanish, yoga, fitness/movement, music, and drama, each taught by a specialized teacher.



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